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Peter Jones Pure Fitness

A selection of testimonials from some of our clients

Since working with Peter Jones as my Personal Trainer, I have reached a level of fitness that would have been impossible to attain on my own.

His motivational skills and expert knowledge of the mechanics of muscle and mind have helped me become more determined and better able to achieve my goals.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who feels the need for extra training on a one to one basis.

Pam King
I am writing to endorse the fitness service provided by Pure Fitness under the expert guidance of Peter Jones. My co-director and I have been taking sessions with Peter for eighteen months now and I/we can honestly recommend him for your fitness requirements. Please do not feel you have to be a fit person to use his services although he does work with fellow athletes too.

When we started sessions our level of fitness was below average despite attending the same gym that we train at for three or more years… the motivation that we receive has increased our fitness and health incredibly. We are pleased to report similar weight loss levels (between 1.5 and 2 stones) as well as our improved health, stamina and fitness. This is due directly to his motivation and improved diet under his general guidance (although I am not giving up wine for anyone, not even Pete!)

Graham Jenkinson, Jenko Graphics
I am a forty seven year old secondary school teacher and have been training with Peter on a regular basis since the summer of 1998. I do not belong to any sports teams or take part in competitions. Simply, I like to try to keep reasonably fit and active.

Peter’s general manner is very friendly, without being overbearing. Whether it is six thirty in the morning or in the evening, Peter is always cheerful.

Following each session, Peter records what you have done. This is very helpful in enabling you to chart your progress and help to make you feel good about how well you’re doing!

I’ve found that since I’ve trained with Peter, my exercise in general has benefited from a greater sense of purpose. In other words, I’ve become more motivated.

I am very pleased to be able to recommend Peter Jones as a Personal Trainer.

John Searring
Peter has trained me for almost the last two years. Over that time I have found him to be punctual, reliable, cheerful, encouraging and courteous.

When I first started I was able to run 1600 metres on a treadmill in a little over 10 minutes. Last week this was reduced to 6 minutes 30 seconds.

Training like this is not a quick fix but a change in lifestyle. True for the first month or so I felt stiff for several days after the sessions, but now this does not happen.

Apart from the obvious benefits of being fitter I feel better in myself for the exercise.

Most of my training with Peter has been running, but Peter is versatile and can train you in other forms of fitness.

Duncan Feirn
You have been supervising my training over the last 14 months or so, mainly consisting of gym and track sessions and also some cross-country training runs. I must say all this effort is now paying dividends. Not only is my general physical condition much improved, but my performance in the competitive fell races is also much better compared to the previous season – and I find them much easier!
Mike Baxter
Just a note to express my appreciation of your services as a personal trainer.

I can say that as a result of our sessions together I both feel fitter and have lost weight, the latter as a result of your attention not just to training but also the importance you give to good nutrition. In particular, I appreciate your friendly and supportive approach combined with your persistence when you feel I’m backsliding.

I would be happy to recommend you to any of my friends and associates, possible with the warning not to expect an easy time of it!

PD Clark
Peter has been my personal trainer for the last few months, during this time I have always found him to be clear in his instructions, methodical in his approach and he has made sessions informative, challenging yet above enjoyable. He clearly has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of personal health and fitness, which he is able to communicate clearly in an accessible, professional and engaging way.

As a person Peter is easy to relate to, personable and obviously dedicated to his work. His commitment and enthusiasm within the sessions has enabled me to develop in terms of my general fitness, lifestyle and general physical well being.

His approach to the work has been innovative and imaginative, he was very thorough with my initial assessment, in that after giving me an in-depth consultation, he strategically planned a system that has been wholly appropriate for me in terms of age, ability and health requirements.

Ann Smith
Peter Jones has provided hour long personal training sessions for me for over a year, on a regular basis. He is extremely competent and has designed a training package to suit my personal needs, following a detailed assessment. He is very good at varying the sessions to prevent boredom, and also at motivating clients to ensure their maximum potential is fulfilled. (I am clear that I do not push myself as hard when I train alone!)

In addition to providing training and dietary advice, Peter is very personable which makes an hour of ‘no pain – no gain’ quite bearable! He has a wide range of clients from all age groups; young, middle aged and even old and is well liked and respected by all those whom I have contact with at the Marina Forte Gym.

Christine Green
During this period I have found Peter to:
• Improve self confidence/belief greatly
• Offer support and assistance whenever needed
• Show a huge amount of interest in my development
• ‘Push me’ further than I ever though possible in a relaxed but constructed manner
• Have an attitude which seems to reflect a great enjoyment of his work.

I will most certainly continue to use Peter’s services and could not recommend him more.

Naveed Choudry
In the summer of 1999, I acquired a sports injury for which I sought treatment from two other practicing physiotherapists. They failed to cure me of this injury that was restricting my participation in my favourite sport.

In September of 1999 I met Peter Jones and I asked him to help me. With Mr Jones’ diligence, patience and expertise I am now fully cured and benefitting from the best of physical fitness.

I am now enjoying my sport more than ever and without restriction and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Jones to anyone should they find themselves in a similar situation to that which I was in.

Geoffrey Durham, Football Referee